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    The Hot Sardines at the Montreal Jazz Festival

    Frontwoman, girlboss, general instigator of The Hot Sardines.


    At the end of the aughts, when I was a corporate cubicle dweller by day and music fan by night, I started a jazz band with a pianist (Evan Palazzo) I met via Craigslist. We now record on Universal Music Classics/Decca Records and play about 100 shows a year internationally.

    I think music can change the world. (So did my grandfather.) When I'm not writing music for my band or singing elsewhere, I write about music and culture in general. I started NYC's culture newsletter the skint with Chris Willets; it has about 80,000 subscribers. I’ve created, produced and curated culture content for brands like Bravo and NBC Digital, and I’ve interviewed and profiled dozens of musicians and other artists of all stripes, fascinated by what makes them tick.


    I ate the New England coast end to end, interviewing lobstermen, fry cooks and others to write a book about seafood. I started the travel magazine Wish You Were Here with MUG's Charlie Suisman, a project I love that got set aside to play music.


    I'm Parisian by birth, French at heart, Torontonian by lineage, and a New Yorker by nature. I studied film at Brock and media at the London School of Economics. Today, I'm probably on tour (and eating) or at home in Brooklyn, NY.


    Main photo by Jeff Shaw.

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