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    Caitlin Kelly profiled yours truly for The Globe and Mail. Read

    Very excited to have been invited by Carnegie Hall to create a new show about jazz at the fall of the Weimar Republic, featuring Alan Cumming. Read

    The remake of Papillon, starring Rami Malek and Charlie Hunnam, features "Bei Mir Bist du Schoen" off The Hot Sardines and "Running Wild" off French Fries + Champagne (Decca/Universal Music Classics). Watch

    What I'm listening to these days and other favorite things in TueNight's Tue/Do List. Read

    Shannon Ables invited me on her Simple Sophisticate podcast, where I talk about the song whose melody came to me on the subway and why lacking stability was a gift. Listen.

    Hear Evan and I talk about all things Hot Sardines (and what you can learn from airline pilots about running a band) on the Main Street Hustle podcast, where entrepreneurs tell it like it is. Listen

    I wrote about hearing Ella Fitzgerald sing for the first time, and the one thing she has that most other (female) performers don't. (And collaborated with my mother, who created a painting of Ella for the piece). Read

    Starbucks selected the Sardines' recording of Frank Sinatra's "Mistletoe & Holly" for their 2017 Holiday Playlist, as we found out at a Starbucks on i-95. Listen

    I'm throwing a party with the skint in NYC to benefit Planned Parenthood: LADIES FIRST: A Dance Party to Celebrate the Badass Women of Music. Go

    I penned French lyrics to Darren Solomon’s music for this visually dazzling Renault ad, sung (and whistled) by moi. Watch

    I'm curating some music for Sometimes it's Prince in April, the skint's party on the anniversary of Prince's death at littlefield nyc. Go

    My song "Meet Me at the Bottom of the Bottle" opens Manhattan Romance with Gaby Hoffman and Katherine Waterston (directed by Tom O'Brien), and I'm singing with my friend Bob Parins on "Sweet Pea" in the wedding scene. (Plus Bob's music is all over the movie and it's great.) Watch trailer

    I created a playlist for your trip to the Women's March: Ladies First Vol. 2 is on Spotify. Listen

    Scott Simon interviewed Evan and me on NPR's Weekend Edition, where I talk about the effect my song "Here You Are Again" has on audiences. Listen

    Here's a piece I wrote a while ago about traveling to Dubai for two one five magazine (RIP). Read

    I talked to The Bluegrass Situation about the job I'd have if I wasn't a musician and stuff you might be surprised to find on my Spotify. Read

    Our French version of "I Wanna Be Like You" is on the new Jazz Loves Disney compilation on Verve, also featuring Stacey Kent, Melody Gardot and Gregory Porter. Listen

    I'm on the Straight, No Chaser podcast with Evan talking about going to our very first open mic. Listen

    Here's a piece I wrote about the magic of one Philadelphia dive bar and its liquor-drinking music for two one five. Read

    Will Friedwald talked about yours truly and the Sardines in this Vanity Fair piece about bands spreading the joy of hot jazz. Read

    Hear me talk about forming the Sardines on the Neon Jazz podcast. Bonus: thanks to a sinus/throat infection, I sound like a donkey riding a scooter on cobblestones. Listen

    Hear my 21 essential Ella Fitzgerald recordings in a Spotify playlist for her 100th birthday. Listen

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    “My dad can’t find out I’m lending this to you.” My friend slips a record out of her father’s cabinet and hands it to me, cradling it in both hands like a velvet pillow upon which some priceless jewel might sit. I figure I should respond in kind and take it in both hands, so I do. It’s heavier...